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Foiled again

The other day I was looking for some dinner inspiration. And I noticed this sitting on the stack of recipes and cooking magazines that takes up most of my baker’s rack in the dining room.

Luckily it was on top. Because, honestly, anything down farther in the pile tends to get overlooked. I knew I’d saved it for a reason. There was some good stuff in that little booklet. With so many to choose from, I consulted with Dev and we decided we’d have, get this…an aluminum foil feast!

First up was gnocchi with tomato sauce and basil. Who knew you could cook pasta on a grill? We packed it up, alongside half a loaf of french bread smeared with butter, cheese and garlic, and plunked them on the grate. Then D whipped up one of his amazing salads (the only thing not grilled) for the side dish. For a first try, the foil packets didn’t go too badly. Well, I got so engrossed in being a salad sous chef that I didn’t check on the bread and it, um, burned. But I dug out the insides, which tasted plenty yummy. The gnocchi fared much better. Just some minor charring on the bottom level.

For the finale, I went with the bread pudding. This one had to cook longer and over indirect heat, so there wasn’t a burn mark in sight. (Thus, a photo seemed in order.) D gobbled it up and said something along the lines of, “Mom, you make the best desserts.” Aw.