Father’s Day weekend: Friday

We were a busy little family over Father’s Day weekend. And I was actually in a pretty zen place with my camera. Meaning I actually used it. My, oh, my.

So I’ll start with Friday, shall I?

Scott actually caught whiff of an event that I was unaware of. The nerve. SiTE:LAB was having an event at Blandford Nature Center, he explained. With art, music and kid stuff. What’s not to like about that? I couldn’t think of a thing. Well, except that the weather was a bit hot and muggy. But that didn’t stop this intrepid family of ours. We headed on over for the fun. And fun was indeed the thing we had — watching a blacksmith do his thing, trekking through the woods to see the art installations, listening to some great music, having a glass of wine or two and chatting with lots of people.

And let me tell you about the “ghost girl” who followed us down Leonard in her car. White hair. White face. Black lips. A serious, kind-of-frightening look on her face. Then she turned AT THE SAME CORNER as we did. Ay-yi-yi! It turns out she was a performance artist. Scott actually ran into her later in the evening and mentioned that we’d seen her behind us. She told him she was so nervous that she didn’t even remember the drive there. I think that would explain the kind-of-frightening look she had, eh?

Art in the woods

Dancing ladies

Random fact: I saw the woman in red at Marie Catrib’s on Monday

Looking at water bugs…in the water

Plus a few phone pics…

And then there’s this cool time-lapse video of that evening: