We took on the maze again…and won!

This weekend was a wonderful demonstration of why I love fall. It’s my absolute favorite season. The sun was shining, the temps were nice and the sky was blue, blue, blue.

Although we were fresh off of a high-energy birthday party, Dev and I spontaneously decided to head to the pumpkin patch. We came across Schwallier’s when he was two or three and it’s been my favorite ever since. (Although they’re starting to charge for more of the activities now. Two dollars to climb on hay bales? Sheesh!)

We visited Schwallier’s with Kevin and Chloe last year. (And Scott, who turned us down this year in favor of a plumbing project. Crazy man!) Between the five of us, we managed to get lost in the corn maze and stumble back out the entrance instead of the exit we were aiming for. So when Devin finished petting bunnies and goats and asked if we could do it again this year, I hesitated slightly. Then I threw down the $10 and we went for it.

And this year we triumphed! Without the help of the 3D glasses, mind you. You were supposed to peer through them at the map and find your way. I’m the impatient sort, though. We stood gawking at that thing for a while and I just said, “Never mind that map. Let’s just walk!” (I was also so impatient that I talked the kid into skipping the “clues” that were scattered around and meant to be fun for people his age. I’m such a mean mom.)

But we did it! And it was fun. So much fun that I decided to give the cow train a shot too, even though I’d initially told him he’d have to ride alone. I got a ticket for myself and we both settled into our “cows” and off we went on a bumpy, speedy ride.

Afterward came the apples, donuts and cider, of course. Although we managed to leave without pumpkins.

See what I mean about fall? How can you not love it?