The Meadows

I always wondered what Las Vegas translated to.

To me, it translates to kind of otherworldly. It was my second visit there and both have been for business. I never had it on my personal travel agenda. And I think I had a pretty good instinct about that. I’m just not the Vegas target audience. Glitz. Glam. Extravagance. Meh.

That said, the hotel room was gorgeous and I learned a LOT of stuff during the conference. I was in control of the remote for four nights in a row and the pillows were amazingly fluffy.

Now for the photos:

I was booked into a suite, but pretty much stayed in the bedroom/bathroom area. I never used the “living room” or the kitchen. I did venture out onto the terrace a couple of times, but being terrified of heights (and being on the 50th floor), that didn’t last long.

Dev wanted a souvenir. He was very specific about his request. (He got the lion, by the way.)

I’m always taking mirror shots in hotel rooms. Why stop now?

The place where I bought the stuffed lion had a couple of real ones too. Devin actually called me when I was standing beneath them. Perfect timing.

During my quick souvenir excursion, I happened to choose the same time to walk The Strip as the Occupy protestors did.


The last night of the conference there was a closing party, which included a photo booth for snapping some avatar pics. The makeup artist kind of went to town. I had to laugh when I got back to my room and saw my eyes!