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I want more days like these

It’s funny how it happens every year: I think, oh, yay, summer’s here! I’ll do THIS and THIS and THAT and THAT and LOTS OF THIS. Oh, how much fun I’ll have!

I do indeed have fun. But there’s never the time I imagine that stretches ahead of me. I don’t get half of the things done, if even a quarter. This was, in fact, the worst year ever for my garden and I swore I was going to be so productive. Instead I have half of my containers filled and didn’t put any vegetables into the raised bed. We threw wildflower seeds in there to at least have something nice to look at instead of empty boxes of dirt.

I just want more days for bubbles, sprinkles, putt-putt golf, beach adventures, hiking (without the darn bugs), taking the bus downtown to explore, catching fireflies, making s’mores, getting together with friends and grilling up a storm. Is that too much to ask?