Mowing is tiring work

He’s kind of obsessed with our mower. We got this contraption last summer, but I hadn’t had a chance to use it until our first “mowing” of the season. I was getting started in the backyard when he asked if he could help. Turned out I needed the assistance because the bumpy patches, where I started, are the hardest ones to tackle with a mower like this. So we tag-teamed. One on each handle. And we muscled our way through those spots. These mowers do indeed require some extra pushing, and he found it difficult to handle it solo. Until we took it to the front yard and he found the perfect patch of grass.

And off he went!

Today he saw me going for the mower again and was quick to jump in. He did a nice job, but a few minutes into the session we heard thunder rumbling and I took over to get the job done a little faster. Little does he know that this will be his job in a few short years. Muah-ha-ha!

Apparently the bit of mowing he did was strenuous enough that he just had to take up a more leisurely activity afterward: watching a movie. Look at those tired eyes!