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I’m a mum

I love being a mom. I get to hang out with this character all the time. He really is good company.

He was very excited about Mother’s Day. So excited that he gave me my gift a day early. And I love it!

He and Scott gave me cards this morning, then Scott and I read the paper together in a leisurely fashion. (He offered to make me breakfast, but I was good with a bowl of cereal and my tea.) Then Scott ran to the store to buy top soil while Dev and I geared up and took a bike ride around Reed’s Lake. After pedaling, we all jumped into the yard work. It was so beautiful outside and just being out there and spiffing things up was awesome.

Manual labor was followed by baseball at the park. We brought Juliette along so she could sit beneath the trees and wait for the squirrels to come by. For dinner, Scott proposed getting takeout and eating on the deck, which was perfect. Especially when he mentioned Bombay! Hello, samosas!

And now I’m going to bed early. I’m exhausted. I hope all of you moms out there had a lovely day!