The boys went swimming…I baked some bread

I love to bake with Devin, but today I was in the mood to crank something out fairly quickly. I’d been drooling over this carrot bread since I spied it in the recent Better Homes & Gardens. Other than grating the carrots, everything was easy to put together. I had one slight mishap when I was removing the loaf from the pan and it broke in half, but I stuck it back together and poured the glaze on top so you can’t even tell. We each had a slice and the rest is going with me to work tomorrow.

One thought on “The boys went swimming…I baked some bread”

  1. that looks so good. i am often short on patience when baking with chloe, there has to be zero time restraints. i’ve heard that having a glass of wine before hand really helps with that. ; )

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