Yesterday I drove out to Millennium Park, which I’d heard of many times, but never visited. I was looking for some of my colleagues who were supposed to be toiling away on a United Way project. I’d already criss-crossed GR snapping photos of the different groups participating. This was my last stop.

But I found no white T-shirts. Instead, I found this vast, open beautiful space. I was intrigued, so I parked my car and got out. Camera with me, of course. The sun was warm. The breeze was nippy and relentless. It was lovely. I walked aimlessly around the sidewalks and trails that were framed by goldenrod and silvery grasses. I was supposed to be working, but I was in the middle of nowhere with no one around. So who would know, or care, about my short-lived distraction? You won’t tell, I’m sure.