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This weekend in food

I ate some good stuff this weekend. Fortunately I had my camera with me to document things.

Friday was dinner with friends at The Winchester. I didn’t snap pics of the plantain chips because I was to busy gobbling them down. The sweet potato and goat cheese pierogies, however, got the attention they deserved. So good!

Saturday’s food adventures amounted to many samples at Costco and a microwaved Morning Star Farms Chik Patty, none of which seemed photo-worthy. Although the fake chicken really is good. I swear!

Today I got around to making the recipe I found earlier this week that made me salivate. My only regret is that I couldn’t locate the lavender. Still, the scones tasted awesome. (For my future food-styling efforts, I definitely need to find some plain, cheap plates for a less busy presentation.)

I cooked dinner without a net, varying a couple of other dishes I’d put together in the past. We had chicken and apricot puff pastries and fruited orzo. And now? I’m full!