Number 5,339

I’ve had my D90 for nearly a year now. Two months shy of the date. It’s funny sometimes to look at the counter and see so many thousands of photos that have been taken. Some people think I’m insane, but I think most photography-minded people probably see the sense in it. You have to take a lot of pics to get the good ones. And you have to take a lot of pics to become the photographer you want to be.

I’m still trying to get to that point. Even after six years of playing around with cameras. And I’ve actually slowed down in my snapping quite a bit in the last couple of years. Coincides with the time I started working full time, so it makes sense. I can go back to 2007 and see nearly 12,000 photos in that folder. And there have been many days in a row when I’ve not even touched my camera, which feels odd and wrong. Priorities, though. Can’t forget about those. The kid, the husband, the pets, the house, the garden. Among other things.

Maybe I need to present myself with another challenge ala my 365 Days effort. It succeeded the first time, but I gave it up nearly a third of the way in on the second try. Ponder, ponder.