My turn!

I’ve documented plenty of Dev’s Lego creations. He makes them all the time after all. He’s slightly obsessed.

Last night he asked me to play Legos with him. I often groan at this request. My grown-up mind isn’t as interested as my childhood one once was in creating things without boundaries. At least not things made out of little plastic pieces.

But for some reason I was in the groove, plugging pieces here and there and borrowing on Devin’s imaginative approach to brick-building to come up with something that wasn’t pre-planned at all, yet had a definitely structure and purpose to it. The purpose. To fly through space and assist other weary Star Wars types. There’s a handy carry-all on the back with tools and, well, a weapon to defend oneself. And the ship is streamlined and compact.

I’m obviously ever so satisfied with my efforts. And he was too. “Wow, Momma, I really like your creation!” Grin.