Post-holiday reflections

20091225-DSC_2501What? The holidays are over already?

Yeah. I say that every year. Once Halloween hits it seems like time speeds up and the year is over before you know it. It doesn’t help matters that I have a kid who’s growing taller every day and making time seem so ethereal. It also doesn’t help that I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday and understood another concept of wanting to suspend time. There’s never now. There’s always then and when.

I found a large swath of gray hairs a couple of months ago. They were probably there for a while, escaping my notice. Because you get a little caught up in the routine of seeing yourself in the mirror daily and who takes the extra minute to look a bit closer? But I pulled my hair back and was startled. I never thought gray hairs would be so shocking. I knew they’d come sooner or later. I suppose I assumed that with my blonde hair, it would be later. But the camouflage isn’t working. They’re springing out from beneath the blondish-brown strands and making themselves known.

I don’t feel like I have gray hairs. How can I when I have this little dynamo zipping around the house who makes me laugh and reminds me of the simpler treats in life?