Snowball vs. saw

20091205-DSC_2161We had a lovely visit at Hart Tree Farm on Saturday. The only bad part was when Scott hopped off the wagon onto the ground, thinking it was just packed snow. But it was icy. And he went boom. (Did I mention he had the saw in his hand when he fell?)

It was a great day for it. Snowflakes falling and fluffy whiteness clinging to the trees. Picture perfect, as they say. Not a family to mess around, we found a tree in exactly .34 seconds and Scott was down on the ground sawing away. It’s a nice tree. A bit on the plump side, but not too tall. Tonight we made a glitter star out of cardboard and we’ll put it on tomorrow after it dries.

Now I just have to find time for all of the other holiday fun-fare I’d wanted to engage in with Devin. Baking cookies. Making crafts. Reading Christmas stories instead of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which he prefers. I’ll just conjure up some magic of my own and make that happen.