One of those days

20091128-DSC_1884A day when you make mugs of hot cocoa.

Even though it was the Swiss Miss packaged variety, it tasted grand. He likes marshmallows. I prefer whipped cream. (OK…Cool Whip. So when it comes to my hot cocoa, I’m no gourmet.) I found some sprinkles the other day that were hidden amongst some other items in the cabinet and though they’d make a grand addition too. We just have to dig out the holiday mugs to make the ensuing occasions all the more festive.

I’m a bit cheerful about the coming winter and this time of year. Because I know it’s inevitable. And there is a certain magic about the snow and ice. It’s just that I’m pretty much tired of it by January. So my warm and toasty winter-themed posts will probably be long gone by then. Get ’em while you can!