Three days away


Dev and I took a trip to Chicago last weekend. (We missed Scott, but I know he appreciated a little time to himself.) And I’m just now getting around to posting about it. We had a nice time. The weather was mostly cooperative. And even when it rained it wasn’t that cold. So we sloshed around the wet streets for a bit Friday night as we rode north and south on the train. (What could be more exciting for a 5-year-old?) I explained to him that the next trip would not involve the Lego store, though, since he only wants to head back to the hotel and assemble them for the rest of the day.

We visited Renee and Dan, which was another highlight. Usually visiting a house with grown-ups who have no children wouldn’t be high on his list, but these particular grown-ups happened to have a lot of very cool things with wheels. Big trucks and motorcycles to be precise. I think Dev now has a slight crush on Dan. And Renee got a tip about an awesome playground, which scored her some points too. I’ve never seen so many play structures! He didn’t even know where to begin when we got there.