It could have just as easily been a Tuesday, I suppose

Mondays have all of this angst surrounding them. There’s an assumption that things will go badly or that if they are going badly, then it surely must be because it’s a Monday. How many times have you asked someone on a Monday morning how they’re doing and they respond, “Well, it’s Monday”?

So I’m not going to give Monday a bad rap. This could have happened on any other day of the week too. It just happened to be bright and early yesterday morning. Which was? Monday.

I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday, but I couldn’t get to sleep the night before. And I kept waking up. And then I felt like I was dreaming all night long. Just plain restless. At one point, I swore I heard strange noises in our house. But the dog was in our room and hadn’t moved a muscle, so another dream.

Then it was time to get up. Oh, joy. I let the dog out, came upstairs to shower and get dressed, then went back downstairs. Maggie was on the counter where she wasn’t supposed to be. I gave her the evil eye and told her I’d be back for her in after I let the dog in. I kept my promise and went to shoo her off the counter. But I noticed she was watching something intently, and assumed it was a bug. So I followed her gaze to the sink. There were still a couple of inches of water in there from last night’s dishes.

But there was also something else in there. Swimming around. It took me about five seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing: A BAT!!!!

Where did I go next. I ran upstairs as fast as I could, because that’s how I roll. I tried not to scream at Scott. Instead I loudly and excitedly whispered, in a voice verging on a slight scream, “Scott! Scott! There’s a bat in the kitchen!!!”

He was up fast. So was Devin. And I was pacing the hallway trying to calm down. Scott made us stay put while he went down to catch it. Dev wanted to see it, but Scott very forcefully told us to STAY. OK. So we did. Then he had the bat in a big plastic cup and he was yelling to me, “What do I do with it?” Hello? You put it outside, silly. And he did.

So that’s how we woke up yesterday. Monday. I can assure you the flue is now closed on the fireplace.

(And the cat, who commenced vomiting not long after the bat flew the coop, is now OK as well. The apron string she swallowed came back up, saving us a trip to the vet and the ensuing bills. That would have made me blame Monday indeed.)

The day ended, though, on a much better note. The construction crews showed up with a huge digger right at bedtime last night. Here’s one of the very happy faces my kid was making as he watched the proceedings.