20090614-dsc_3663Just two grad parties this year, and both on the same weeken. Stepahnie yesterday. Shane today. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m one of the old people at these gatherings. Those teenagers definitely look a lot younger than me, but I swear it was only yesterday when high school ended. I know, too, that I didn’t appreciate my youth and the opportunities in front of me. And I’m sure that I squandered a few of those. But can you really offer advice to 18-year-olds? Because we kind of poo-poo’d the words of wisdom passed to us, I think. When you’re a teenager you tend to think you know way more than you really do. There are definitely times I wish I could go back to my young-adult self and have a conversation that would help to avoid a few of the mistakes I’ve made. To instill some more confidence in that younger me who may just have gone for a few of the opportunities that I let slip by. But, hey, I managed to navigate to a pretty happy spot, so it’s all good.