He made this

I got Dev his first set of Legos in August. He was fascinated. We (er, I mean me) made all of the items on the brochure. And we (er, I mean he) played with them. For Christmas he got more Legos from friends. Legos in packages that said ages 7-12. So again, I did the honors of assembling mars rovers and construction vehicles. Lately, though, after some encouragement, he’s started to explore on his own. I showed him how to read the directions of one of his smaller sets an he put some of it together himself. And now he’s actually going rogue and coming up with his own creations. Most resemble cars, of course. He’s actually used some interesting pieces to cobble things together. And his explantions? Make me grin. This one was a crystal-finding vehicle. (Yes, he says vehicle…I love that!) You can see the yellow crystals behind the very serious driver.