Yesterday I had an enormous laughing fit. You know, when you start laughing, for some possibly not even funny reason, and you can’t stop laughing no matter what you do.

The trigger? I dropped a bag of cat food and it startled my cat Maggie. She’s nervous to begin with, but when the bag came crashing down in her near vicinity, she was trying like heck to skedaddle out of there. In the way that the cartoon characters try to find traction to flee from a scene.

Something about that struck me as funny. And I started laughing. And I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Maggie was long gone, hiding in some corner and waiting for me to disappear. I laughed all the way up the stairs to the kitchen. Where my husband eyed me with suspicion and my kid grinned. I could NOT stop the laughter even then. I went into the living room and buried my head in the couch pillows for a few minutes before I felt the giggles subside.

I haven’t done that in ages. I suspect I should do it more often.