Day 8: Dev

20090108-dsc_0230Up until a few months ago, Devin had the smallest of our three bedrooms. Even though we were only officially occupying two of them. The third, as big as our master bedroom, housed my office. I never thought the office deserved such a big space, but eight years ago the Comcast guy told us he would have to run a cable on the front of our house if we wanted the cable modem in the smaller room. So I hastily moved all of my gear.

Then came the kiddo. I figured he wouldn’t notice his room was nearly the size of a closet when he was a baby. But I still thought it would be nice if he could have more space. Thankfully there’s now wireless computing. We did the big switcheroo and now he’s in a bright-green room where he can play and spread out.

His name, however, is still on my office door.

One thought on “Day 8: Dev”

  1. Ha ha! Up until I was about 7 months pregnant with the Beaner, what is now his room was my office. I think it was in month 8, when I was carefully putting frames away in the closet, that I suddenly realized: I WASN’T GOING TO GET MY OFFICE BACK. Until that moment, I’d had it in my head that when the Beaner was “done with it”, I’d get it back. Duh.

    My office is now in the loft space outside his room — I drilled a hole in the baseboard to run ethernet cables from the hub in his room to all my computers. (Wireless doesn’t work well for big downloads and VPN. 🙂

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