What have I done?

I’m crazy, you know. I think you could ask my husband and he’d nod his head rapidly.

I’m OK with that. Crazy is good.

But I’m aiming toward the schizophrenic type of crazy. A short few months ago I decided to dismantle the previous version of fresh perspective and start something new. Totally fresh, right?

That worked for a while until I got frustrated with the limitations of the theme I’d chosen and started messing around. Eventually I ended up with this, which I’m still tweaking. (It’s a font thing. I really need to do something with the fonts.) But then I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Start out 2009 with a new blog and just go from there. Nooooo. I had to go and import every last entry I’ve made since 2003. I had to drag my baggage right along with me.

I’m sentimental like that.

Now I have thousands of posts up here with thousands of photos missing from some transfer error I made before switching hosts. So if you decide to poke around for any reason, just be prepared for a bit of chaos until I batten down the hatches. K?