Day 3

So we were goofing around on our bed today, hiding beneath the blankets and pretending Daddy was a bear. After Scott left the room, he was still in Bear Mode, so he asked me to be the bear. I’m a bear that tickles rather than mauls. He was grinning so cutely in the morning light that I asked if I could take his picture. Of course the magical moment didn’t last quite as long as I liked. The grin was gone, but the cooperation remained. So I snapped a few.

Then he asked me if I could print one out. I showed him how I transfer the files to the computer and how I make adjustments in Lightroom. He decided he wanted to make a few adjustments himself, which is fine by me since I have that magical reset button at my disposal. He adjuste the temp button a few times, going from really, really yellow to really, really blue and then moved in to a spot that he liked. Then he grabbed the vibrance slider and tweaked it a bit and said, “There. That’s perfect!” (I couldn’t resist one small bump on the temp slider, though.)

I printed it. He grabbed it and asked for tape. Then I found it later on the side of his bookshelf.