Be still

My father-in-law was re-admitted to the hospital today. He had a stroke this spring and has been in rehab since his operation. I thought he was improving and it was just a matter of who was going to be able to take care of him once he was released. But now things aren’t looking so good. I truly want Devin to have more time with him. There’s never enough time, though, is there?

3 thoughts on “Be still”

  1. I’m sorry. My grandmother called me this morning to tell me that an Uncle of mine passed away. He was sick for a few months. When I told her, “He lived a long and happy life.” (He was 89 when he passed and had a wonderful family.) She responded, “No matter what, life is never long enough or happy enough, you’re never too full of joy.” This really struck me and I’ve been thinking about it all day. I have no words of wisdom…so I share my grandmother’s.

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