Tomorrow is my last day working with my biggest client. I’ve had a steady 20-hour gig with them for the past six years, plus a year before that where I worked on several projects. So seven. Seven. That’s the longest I’ve worked anywhere during my career, and I wasn’t even an employee!

Even though I’m very ready to leave, today was kind of sad. My good friends organized a going-away lunch and many people came along to say goodbye. (Or as Dan likes to say, “See ya later!” Because, truthfully, I have every intention of staying in touch.) It’s amazing how that many years with people can create some pretty strong bonds. Many people are going to be off-site tomorrow, so I had to try not to cry when I hugged Dan on my way out. He’s been my cohort for so long now. I swear I’m not going to know what to do without him!

I have one more day of goodbyes. Amy and I are going to go to lunch and hang out and just chat tomorrow since it’s going to be the last day we’ll be able to do that. Ever. We’ll see each other outside of work now and again, I know, but our daily chatting and sharing kid stories is ending. Sigh. With the good, comes the bad. And I’m absolutely excited about my new job. It’s just always slightly bittersweet when change sweeps through your life.