Stacy makes killer margaritas*


Spring. It’s a fickle season. But I lurve it. I’m not very keen on very hot weather or very cold weather, so spring and fall really make me giddy.

This spring has been slow to bring the really warm temps, which has resulted in the only drawback of the season for me: we haven’t had much deck time yet.

And I ADORE being on the deck. Massively.

Friday night we sat on Sarah’s deck. We needed jackets, but it was so nice to be in the fresh air, eating yummy food, drinking Stacy’s concoctions, relaxing with friends.

Tonight I sat out there and watched my kiddo make Superman float in a tub of water. Bliss. My mission is to get out there as often as possible this summer. With my husband and son. Or even by myself when the timing and mood strike. (Well, I’m never really by myself. There’s always Juliette velcroed to me.)

I hope your goals for the season are as simple and relaxing.

*As does my husband, who made a lovely one for me last night.