Bubble bokeh


I never recapped our weekend, but it was lovely. It involved lots of bubbles. It also involved bus rides, bookstore visits, coffee and lemonade, Andy Warhol, lawn-mowing, treks to the dog park where the canine stalked squirrels and ran free while the kid rode his bike in circles on the baseball diamond, walking/bike riding to breakfast at The Omelette Shoppe, a ride to the airport, and a sad moment when Dev realized that his Daddy was gone for a few days and he hadn’t given him a hug.

One thought on “Bubble bokeh”

  1. Must you continue to torment us with the fabulous restaurants in GR? We have pizza, Chinese and of course the ubiquitous McDonalds in Reading. And certainly nothing fabulous within walking/bike riding distance. You seem to have a never ending supply of great places….I need to be more selective when choosing a place to live next time. : )

    Hope you’re doing OK flying solo! I have that in a couple of weeks when Tim goes to Taiwan. Yeesh. Better him than me. That flight is ridiculous.

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