I almost re-entered the real world


I had a brush with the 40-hour workweek this past week. The idea of it held a lot of appeal. And a lot of dread.

The biggest con for me taking a full-time job would be losing my time with Devin. I almost couldn’t bear it.

Yet parents everywhere are working traditional jobs to support their families and I know that I could do it too. I also know that I could embrace the idea of having a 401(k) once again, of not paying quarterly taxes, of feeling slightly more secure (but not all that much considering the fickle nature of today’s work world).

So there’s no big drama in the fact that things will remain status quo for a while. Except for the niggling wonder of why I wasn’t chosen for the position. Does that question ever not plant itself at the back of your brain? It does mine. I will admit that it’s shaken my self confidence a little bit. Not a big quake on the Richter scale. Probably something around a 2.3. But I still felt it.