The P words


We were in the car tonight on our way home. I noticed Dev looked like he might be falling asleep so I was trying to find a way to keep him awake. (Do not fall asleep before 6:30, kid…please!) I asked him to tell me a story. He didn’t hesitate:

Once upon a time
There was a man named Poop
He was poopy and he sold poop to people
Then he peed on himself.

Certainly not the tale I expected, but entertaining nonetheless!

2 thoughts on “The P words”

  1. Betsy also likes to throw the random “bum-bum” in there for good measure. Nice.

    Glad you guys are better. We’re feeling better, but Betsy is STILL coughing. I’m thinking it’s all the pollen around here…we’re probably not used to Ohio pollen yet. 😉

    Love and miss you!

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