How behind the times am I?


I’m probably the last person on Earth to get one of these things. And I even picked the smallest one there is.

Yeah, the iTouch would have been cooler, but my main motivation for this purchase was to have some tunes while I was running. The rest of the day can’t possibly accommodate headphones. I get my music from the under-the-counter CD player or the version in the car. How would my kid talk to me constantly if otherwise?

Plus, I’m trying to keep our budget under control. So 500 songs for $69. Plus, I shelled out for the Nike headphones so the suckers would stay on my ears during my workouts. And this nifty green beauty will clip right onto my shorts or shirt. Love my little Shuffle. Yes, I do.

Limited playlist for now: Over the Rhine, Once soundtrack (ohmygod…loved that movie!), Maroon 5, and The Huntunes (yeah, you’ve never heard of them, but they’re still good 15 years later). Must burn more CDs.