Destination: Beantown!

There’s plenty of stuff in my head, but no time to spit it out here. Packing to do. Lots of it. Although Devin is going to be sorely disappointed that not every single one of his stuffed animals is not going to be on the flight with us.

We’re leaving for a week of family together time.

I’ll return to the regularly (or not-so-regularly) scheduled programming when we return.

Until then, enjoy the leaves, pumpkins, apples and other assorted fall goodness!

Grandma and Aunt Nancy, if you’re reading this…big smooches! (And you know, Mom, that I’ll call you during the trip. Because I’m predictable that way.)

One thought on “Destination: Beantown!”

  1. Now that I have figured it all out, I admit to PSV envy. I meant to stay in touch with everyone on the board and lost my mind with my new business.

    Missed so much goodness:( Sniff, sniff.

    But, for you guys, it must have been AMAZING!

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