OK…who taught him that word?


The things coming out of my kid’s mouth lately? Priceless. And naughty. I heard “Shut up!” several times this weekend. Damn Tom Hanks and Pixar!

Tonight, Scott had bedtime duty. He was chatting with Devin after reading stories and the child points to own his nipple and asks, with a smirk, “What this?” Scott tells him it’s called a nipple. “No, it a BOOBY!” he trumpets.

No, his dad corrects him, that’s actually your chest.

“It a booby!”

Not long after…”Can I see your booby?”

Scott tells him it’s a chest. Call it a chest.

Kid refuses. “I want to see your BOOBY!”

“Call it a chest and you can see it.”

OK, fine. It’s a chest. Dad lifts up his shirt. “That your BOOBY!”

“You need to call it a chest, Devin. We don’t use that word.”

“OK! I want to see your maple syrup!”