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It’s still hot here. We had one day of relief, and finally some rain, before the temps shot into the 90s again today. Our grass is brown and it’s hard not to feel a bit wilted. Still, we do manage to have some outdoor fun. Tonight, before I started dinner, Dev and I hit the semi-shady front yard for a “game” of baseball, which turned into me chasing the stray bouncy ball into the road over and over again.

After dinner, the family hopped into the Honda mobile and headed to nearby Collins Park for a romp in the greener grass. Devin zipped all over the place, working up his trademark sweat, while Scott and I took turns trying to corral him. Juliette was just happy to be included. The poor thing has missed a few walks in this steamy weather.

More rain in the forecast for tomorrow. We so need it. It’s truly been a long, hot summer.