Fridays are our days

It’s actually my mocha, but he’s setting down his milk behind it

Every morning Devin wakes up and asks, “Are we going to Wanda’s house today?”

Sometimes it’s the first thing to come out of his mouth.

And, yeah, four days a week he goes to daycare. (A center, not a house. But Wanda was his teacher during the age when he made the connection, and now it’s still Wanda’s house, even though he’s been in Erin’s room for six months.)


Friday is the day he and I both stay home. No daycare. No work. Just the two of us. I try to find fun activities for us to do, even if it boils down to simple errands as it did today.

Fulton Street Farmer’s Market
Wealthy Street Bakery
Pooh’s Corner
Chow Hound
D&W Fresh Market

I love that he still thinks it’s fun to go to the grocery store with me. Of course, he did get to pick out his own cereal and grab a box of fruit pops too. So there’s usually something in it for him.

What’s in it for me is better, though. I get to travel around town having conversations with a funny kid who seems to enjoy my company.