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Leaving on a jet plane


I woke up this morning with some crappy laryngitis-type thing with a raspy voice and a sore throat. I worked for several hours before giving up and just coming home to rest. But nap or no, the throat was still achy when the boys got home tonight.

So what better cure than a popsicle? A popsicle eaten on the deck along with my buddy, that is. We sat and chatted while we polished off our icy treats in the summer breeze. Then Devin gathered up our discarded wrappers and popsicle sticks, balled them up and announced, “Time to go to the airport!”


So I asked him why we were going to the airport.

“So you can fly on the plane, Momma. I already put your milk in your camera bag and your camera in there too. So you all ready!”

Smile from me. “Where am I going, baby? On the plane?”

“You going to see Daddy and then come right back here.”

“But Daddy is here, sweetie. He’s just at the dog park right now.”

“You going to fly all the way to the dog park, then fly back here to be with me.”

Sounds like a plan!