We went to Festival…


…and all he got was an orange balloon.

Well, and a popsicle, a hot dog and a raspberry smoothie. And he really lobbied for some new sunglasses after walking past a sidewalk display. “Mommy, I neeeed new ones.” Because, of course, the two pairs we already have just can’t be enough.

When did my kid become so acquisitive?

2 thoughts on “We went to Festival…”

  1. What a cool photo! We missed out this year between being gone to the baby shower and being completely exhausted yesterday (plus the rain!). Poo…I always love Festival.

  2. Once again, I can relate. The Beaner is all about the “but I WANT that” these days. We’re trying to explain that you don’t always get what you want, moderation, etc., but sometimes we wonder if it’s sinking in. We’ve also introduced the concept of “the list”, though I wonder if that hasn’t created another monster… whenever we deny him something, he says, “I’ll just put it on my list.” There are some crazy things on that list now, including a blackbird, a bunny rabbit, and a driver’s license.

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