Where are my proofreaders when I need them?

OK, audience. All three of you. Why didn’t one of you call me out on the obvious typo in my previous entry? In synch??? Where did that “h” come from and why didn’t anyone chastise me? I’m a writer who should know better, yes. But you’re my readers who are supposed to make sure I don’t make an absolute fool of myself. And you were incredibly derelict in your duties.

Those gifts I was planning to get you for being such wonderful commenters? I don’t think so!

3 thoughts on “Where are my proofreaders when I need them?”

  1. I thought it was deliberate, as part of your lament!! : )

    I have to confess that I use Outlook at work and have returned to paper planner after having struggles with PDAs. I need to SEE everything in order to plan, and the various views didn’t do it. I use the awesome Levenger Circa and just love it. Only the monthly view because I only need it for home. Its just perfect. Check it out online!! levenger.com

  2. I blame it on the internet and text messaging, and all of the many ways that technology is degrading our language. It’s criminal and sad, what we’re doing to this lovely language of ours.

    Seriously though, I completely missed it the first time. 🙂

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