The things that three-year-olds say

Sometimes I wonder why I created a separate site for Devin. It’s meant to be a place for me to recount things since I’m way too lame to do scrapbooking and all that jazz. But I swear I make extra work for myself when I do stuff like that. And then I end up posting things over here that might be “categorized” as things that would work over there. And then I just confuse myself. Which is easy enough to do. My brain hasn’t been working at full capacity for a while now.

So what I was going to say is that my kid is totally cracking me up lately. I loved the age of two. His language skills just advanced so much and I was having tons of fun finally being able to have conversations with him. But three has proven to be just as entertaining thus far. In fact, just recently, he’s begun to really venture into story-telling and conjecture. One of his favorite things is to ask a question of me and then to hypothesize. Like, “Mom, why it raining?” And then I go into a long explanation and he’ll follow up with something like, “Maybe the clouds make rain everywhere because they grey.” Crazy stuff, but also oftentimes some very sane stuff too.

What I need, instead of this immobile website, is to carry a journal along and make an attempt to record these utterings. I can’t tell you how many times his explanations and observations have brought a huge grin to my face. I’m fascinated with how his brain works, how he sucks up information and spits it out, how he REMEMBERS all of it. He’ll pull out something from weeks ago and tell me as if it just happened yesterday. And, unlike so many people in my life, he actually LISTENS to me!

Oh, and I had to laugh tonight when we were driving home from errands and I realized that he’s now beginning nearly every delcaration to me with, “Hey, Mom!” Or just “Hey!”

“Hey, Mom! The light red!”

“Hey, Mom! I saw an ambance (ambulance).” I respond that I must have missed it and he says, “Me and Jewyette see it only. Us only.”

“Hey! We went there other time.”

“Hey! I pay on the payground with Zacwey (Zachary) today.”

“Hey, Mom! Why…”

Oh, that last one is killing me. This phase started last October and it’s still going strong. Someone save me from the Whys!

3 thoughts on “The things that three-year-olds say”

  1. Oh, I can SO relate to this! I used to write down things that the Beaner said when he said them, but now I can’t keep up. Oh, and the “he actually LISTENS!” part? So true…except when he doesn’t. Then I get a string of “What? What? What?s” that drive me more insane than the “Why? Why? Why?s”. This post reminds me that I need to get a Beaner update posted on my blog before another month passes undocumented.

  2. My favorite is your last entry on his blog, about why he argues with you.

    Perhaps that’s why I constantly argued with my parents?

  3. I am still learning to understand what Cadence is saying, as at least 30% is pure gibberish thrown in to SOUND like she’s talking in full paragraphs. I read in some parenting book a suggestion to ask your toddler/preschooler, ‘Tell me a story.’ and see what they come up with. It looks like Dev has quite the potential to tell some good ones!

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