Have MacBook, will become less productive than ever

So, yeah, I’m completely mobile now. Wireless on a desktop Mac wasn’t all that impressive. Woo-hoo…I can access the Internet from anywhere in my house! As long as it’s my desk.

But now I can check blogs, do my banking and Flickr incessantly while watching “Cars” with Devin in the basement.

This is not, however, a positive thing. I do all of the above way too much as it is. I swear I’ve got some tic that says, “Lori, check to see if you have a new comment on your latest Flickr photo.” “Yo, Lori…you might have an email!” “Yoo-hoo, it’s time to check those blogs again. You never know when someone may have written some new and delicious entry about braunschweiger.” (Uh, no offense to my blogging pals. You know that’s all in jest.)

I really do not need another excuse to spend more time online.

What I need is to spend LESS time.

So I’ll have to use this thing judiciously. Maybe I’ll even crazy-glue it to my desk. That might be the best option. Eh?