Three reasons to dislike Easter

1. Someone decided that Easter would be a good time for Peeps and chocolate bunnies. Even though we kept things pretty minimal with the kid’s Easter basket, I’m blaming the sugar high on his decision to skip his nap yesterday and then get up at 4:00 a.m. this morning. Grrrr.

2. That sugar thing didn’t help his mom out much either. I leave for Florida in six days and I can’t fit into my bathing suit. Double grrrr.

3. Easter egg hunts suck, well, eggs. Seriously. I took my kid to the mall to experience his first one and we both stood dazed as a gazillion children raced crazily to the corners and got to the loot before we’d even taken a step. If it weren’t for the extreme kindness of our friend Gail, who we were lucky to run into, my kid would have been in tears (and so would his mom!). How can you take your child to an Easter egg hunt and come out without an egg? I almost managed it. (Thank you, thank you, Gail and Bridget!) Triple grrrr.

3 thoughts on “Three reasons to dislike Easter”

  1. you forgot to mention that awful company, Cadbury – releasing crack to the public this time every year – disguised as incredibly delicious crunchy chocolate eggs… I’ve got the Cadbury Easter Eggs jones bad…

  2. The secrets to a good Easter egg hunt, from my experience:

    1. Keep it private. Siblings, cousins, and/or friends only.

    2. Color-code the eggs; kids are only allowed to grab eggs of the color assigned to them. (This year the Beaner could take any red, yellow, or green egg with a character from Cars on it, while his older cousins had pink and green camo eggs, respectively.)

    3. Keep a list of all the places eggs were hidden, and have the kids report back whenever they find an egg so you can cross that spot off your list. This allows you to give hints if necessary. (And hints *were* necessary with the older kids, because we were really evil with our hiding spots.)

    Can’t help with the candy — the Beaner didn’t get any. He did, however, get more Trader Joe’s fruit wraps than he could eat in a year…

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