Ta-ta, Vegas


The funniest thing during the entire trip happened on the red-eye at 1:00 a.m. this morning (er, 4:00 a.m. in my home time zone). When the gentleman arrived to take his seat next to me on the flight, he commented, “If I start snoring, and I will, hit me in the head. It’s the only thing that works.”

Yes, he did start snoring. No, I definitely did not hit him in the head.

3 thoughts on “Ta-ta, Vegas”

  1. Is Vegas not the most bizarre place? Yet you can’t tear your eyes away…three days is definitely enough! Where did you stay?

  2. my mother-in-law, when she was alive, and on holiday hiking the mont blanc, encountered a fellow traveller in a walkers refuge (where a dorm was de rigeur) and he said: “i snore. when i get loud, whistle.” he did, and she did, and he – miraculously – stopped.
    i tried this at home, i must admit. it didn’t work. but i am a hopeless whistler.
    i’m glad you’re back!

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