Pete has a new home!

We used to have two dogs.

I was heartbroken when we had to say goodbye to Pete nearly two years ago. I even pondered going to visit him at the shelter after we took him back, but our trainer advised us that it wouldn’t be good for him.

So I satisfied myself with checking the shelter’s website every couple of months. His face was always there. Looking a bit sad. And furthering the guilt I felt that we weren’t able to make it work with that dear dog.

Today I received an email from my husband with a link that took me here. I immediately felt the tears come on because there’s Pete…looking happy and well-loved. Just what I’ve been hoping for all this time. He’s snuggling on a couch and romping with other dogs. He’s no longer sleeping on a hard floor in a shelter, even though that shelter was a safe haven.

The only negative is the wording they chose:

“…Petey was returned by his adopters because of a new baby on the way.”

Not true. Not at all. We’ve been unfairly grouped in with the people who actually see animals as disposable. Who give up dogs or cats because it’s not as convenient to take care of them when you have a child.

We would never have given up Pete if he hadn’t acted aggressively toward Devin. I had to put my son first. But it wasn’t an easy decision. I cried for a week straight. Dogs aren’t dogs to me. They’re family. And my other three pets are still a part of our family, despite their quirky behavior. And, yes, despite the fact that it CAN be inconvenient to fit in a dog walk or to clean the litter box some days.

I made a commitment to each of my pets. I’m in it for the long haul. If Pete hadn’t snapped at Devin that day, he’d still be here too. We didn’t know if he would try that maneuver again, and we couldn’t take the chance. But if we couldn’t keep him, I’m incredibly happy that another family could. I know that he has a good heart and I know that he deserves happiness.

3 thoughts on “Pete has a new home!”

  1. But back to the happy part of it all: he has a new home.

    Whoever wants to lump you in with whoever has no idea, nor will take the time to understand. You know the reason, and it was the right one.

    Pete has a new home, and is happy!

  2. Oh, I know! And I know it’s bad to dwell on the negative. I told myself that when I was posting this. I’ve always had a tradition of worrying a bit too much about what other people think of me. I’ve also had a lot of guilt about this incident since it happened. But I went ahead and posted when I was feeling all emotional, because sometimes that’s when I write the best. I’m truly very happy that he’s found a family. It’s what I wanted for him more than anything.

  3. Oh boy I have something to say about all of this. I used to have two Chow Chow’s. Two. When my son was little like Devin. They never did anything to him and therefore I kept them. But if either of them had…they would have had to go live somewhere else immediately.

    Secondly, I speak so highly and so often of my doggie Chloe on my blog that anyone knows that I love and adore her immensely. I got her from a couple who had a second baby and found themselves no longer with the time or inclination to keep her or care for her properly. But their reasons are not of consequence to me. Meaning, I do know that they had a toddler that terrorized Chloe by throwing her repeatedly into their swimming pool. I know that it took her months upon months to warm up to my then 11 year old son because she associated him with that toddler that terrorized her. He was patient and loving and she has gratefully recovered her ability to be loved by a younger human and she adores him now because she now realizes he loves her.

    My point in all this rambling….. Sometimes pets do not “fit” because of one reason or another. I am on the receiving end of the joy that came out of Chloe’s previous not a good “fit” situation. I am thankful that her former owners offered her to my husband. I am grateful that they decided her life and theirs could be better if an alternative were found. I am further grateful in so many many ways that she is mine to hold and kiss and love endlessly. I would never say they were bad owners because they recognized that it was not an ideal situation for them or for Chloe. Why would anyone do that?

    “We” all know that Petey wasn’t forsaken by you. We that “matter” know the truth. And Petey certainly looks quite the happy fellow these days. I see your actions as the actions that gained him a more “fitting” lifestyle for his doggy days. His new parents are wrong to say what they said in such a way but that’s life. In the end what matters is that someone else’s lives are enriched because of YOUR actions. And you are not living in fear and Devin is safe and sound. If you ask me…it worked out perfectly!

    Also…I will be immediately getting Chloe a page on Dogster…because I love her like that. I love her previous owners for raising her and keeping her safe until I could love her. Her previous owners called one time to ask to see Chloe and take her to the park. I refused to allow this because she was happily re-adjusted and I honestly feared they would dognap her and I could not take that chance. I love her and I love that they gave her to me.

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