Oh, sure

The one night this past week when I had both time and brain power to post something to this site and my darn connection goes down.

Yes, it’s back up now. But I’m heading to bed.

So whatever brilliance I may have typed into my keyboard this evening will have to wait for the next time.


5 thoughts on “Oh, sure”

  1. recipe for lowered fat Crab rangoon
    6 oz crabmeat
    1/2 pkg Neufchatel cheese
    1/4 cup lite mayo
    1/4 c chopped green onions
    12 wonton wrappers
    heat oven to 350
    spray muffin tin w/cooking spray put 1 wonton wrapper in each muffin hole
    mix ingredients & spoon into wonton wrappers
    bake for 16-18 min or unitl brown & crispy!

  2. Our connection was down too! But does the ISP ‘splain anything to us? NOOO! How ya been?

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