Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid thunderstorms!

Dear Mother Nature,

On behalf of my husband and myself, I have a request. I realize that most west Michigan citizens probably welcome the nighttime thunderstorms. It’s convenient to have the rain pour down while you’re sleeping so you don’t have to worry about that pesky umbrella as you cross the parking lot to get to your office. Lightining, too, could be argued as a beautiful thing as it flashes in the darkness.

We, however, aren’t too keen on the whole scenario. We are, after all, parents of a two-year-old. A two-year-old who’s “cared” of the “under” and the “boom-boom.” One whose sleep cycle is in some sort of down stage around 1 a.m., the time you’ve chosen for your storms two nights this week. One who seems to sense the most benign cases of thunder rumbling. We’re also parents who can in no way turn a blind eye to a terrified child who’s yelling, “DADDY! CARED! DADDY CARED BOOM-BOOM!”

We’ve honestly dealt with enough sleeping issues lately. We so enjoyed the last couple of weeks when he decided to snooze more soundly and wake more rested. So the thunder theatrics just aren’t all that appreciated in this household.

I know it’s tough to change things for the minority. I’m sure you’d hear from plenty of others who’d prefer it the other way, but do you think you could possibly cut us some slack for at least a week? Please? Pretty please?

Best regards,

Very Tired Mom