Oh, the humiliation!

Well, it had to happen sometime. And it’s been a-brewin’. My kid is 20 months old. With that age comes plenty of new and tres exciting stuff, ya know?

Like first-ever temper tantrums at the bookstore. Woo hoo!

You’d think that zipping up a coat to protect him from the cold, cold wind was a crime or something. Boy, can he scream when he wants to.

But even though I know that EVERY parent in the universe has to deal with a grumpy, misbehaving toddler on occasion, I went slightly pink in the cheeks as all of the nearby heads (and some from afar) swung in my direction to see who/what was making that horrendous cacophony of sound. I nixed the whole zipper thing, stuffed all miscellany in the diaper bag, and bustled out of there post haste only to run into my editor from my client as I wore the most annoyed expression possible. Heh.

Kids. They’re so darn precious, aren’t they?

Postscript: Um, if you noticed pics of kids here for a few hours, that was a slight oversight from my bungled posting efforts of last night. Those pics now reside on Dev’s site and you can take a gander over there if you like. Just wanted to assure you that you weren’t seeing things.