Way better than the pretzel stand in the mall, I tell ya

This weekend will go down as one of my favorites, simply because the boys and I spent nearly the entire two days — together.

Parenthood hasn’t been all that I imagined it would be. It’s been great, yes. But there’s so much of that “two ships passing in the night” thing. Where I’m making dinner and he’s entertaining the boy. Or he needs to mow the lawn, so I’m chasing the kiddo everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE). It’s the key to getting things done, I know, but it’s so much better to have us acting as a unit.

We were soooo together that we were both able to contribute to the culinary needs of the household today (well, maybe pretzels weren’t NEEDED, but they were definitely WANTED) while the crazy 19-month-old ran around our legs.

He complains that I never photograph his meals so I bring you Scott’s Chicken Tostadas with salsa