So, does this seem fair?

I’m a nice enough person, but today, while checking around, I discovered that someone is using one of my photos on her site. With no credit given to me.

I scoured for her email address so I could gently notify her that you’re supposed to ASK first, but came up empty. I’m just itchin’ to inform her of the rules and etiquette of the internet. Or am I making a big deal out of nothing? I would never dream of doing that to someone else. It seems a bit like thievery when you don’t give credit, especially when the source site clearly contains a copyright notification.

Any thoughts or solutions out there? I’ve read about this happening to others, and about them blocking the link somehow. But I’m not all that technologically inclined.

UPDATE: I used the best option I could think of as far as technical solutions go. I renamed the image, uploaded it again, and took down the other file. So all she gets is a blank. I feel slightly mean about doing it. Yet shouldn’t she feel slightly mean about what she did? (Thanks, Kristy, for your offer to scold her. I’m one of those non-confrontational people, though, so I opted for the stealth fix. You could still scold her if you so feel compelled. I won’t complain.)