It came and went

Look really closely and you can see all three of us

Does this ever happen to you? You plan a trip and look forward to it for weeks, then – BAM! – it’s over before you know it. At least we had a good time and have plenty of memories to look back on.

We arrived in the city at 9:30 on Thursday, in time for the kiddo to awake from two solid hours of slumber and peer around in awe at all of the lights and action. When we got to our room, Scott immediately pulled back the curtains and we had super-duper view of the river. He held Dev up to the window and the boy was in awe. Love at first sight, I tell ya.

We had a splendid time. Walked for miles, dined on tasty food (my favorite mac ‘n cheese from Mity Nice, of course), met up with old friends, and relaxed together as a family. Couldn’t have asked for more. Expect maybe to have Juliette along with us. Maybe next time. It would give us a good excuse to visit the Belmont Harbor Dog Park.

Plenty of pics at Flickr.