You can always go…downtown

Along Ionia Street

Labor Day is supposed to be about NOT working, but, as a freelancer, I sometimes have to make sacrifices. That’s how I found my way to downtown GR yesterday afternoon for a meeting with Gwen and Dottie. I purposefully arrived early so I could snap some shots of the area while I walked around. I used to work in the city for a couple of years, but I’ve been absent for the most part since then. It’s not that downtown is hoppin’, but there’s certainly a spark. And there are scads of renovated, classical buildings with plenty of lovely ornamentation.

One thought on “You can always go…downtown”

  1. Lost your site for awhile. Just got to it again. With the “news” we got it was a suprise to say the least. I enjoy your photo’s. boxes are the best! but the frog photos are super fun! about the food and sippy cup our middle one was like that… we got very good at catching things midair. I wish I could remember when it stopped but I can not not. I could tell you he finally slept all night without yelling for me when he was 12 years old if that makes you feel better. really it’s true. It taugh everyone else how to sleep through anything all night (my husband, oldest and youngest child). and I still don’t sleep all night. Keep up the photo’s where ever we all go from here I hope to keep coming to your blog it is refreshing.

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