Now three members of our family have allergies


Our dear canine has been scratching, biting and licking herself crazily over the past couple of weeks. Today it was confirmed by our vet. Allergies.

Well, I’m certainly glad it’s not fleas. But dog allergies aren’t as simple to treat as the type of allergies I have. With mine, I can just snort some wonderful medicine up my nose each night and…ta-dah!

For my beloved dog, we have to begin a series of twice-weekly baths with a special shampoo. And THEN we have to add the pills — two pills, twice a day. Oh, what fun. She doesn’t take all that kindly to pills. Last time we had to give her medication, she went to great lengths to avoid it, even when administered with the ever-popular peanut butter. (Although giving pills to my cat was much, much, much worse. MUCH.)

At least she’s healthy otherwise. She got a glowing report in all other areas. Now we just have to schedule these baths into our already time-challenged routine. I just have my fingers crossed that this treatment works so the poor girl can enjoy some measure of comfort.